John Adams & Thomas Jefferson

TCES #30 John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, friends, adversaries and divine destiny 5-23-18

“Hey Ben you going to the Red Sox game tonight?” Tyrek wondered. ” Yea man remember I got us two tickets in the cheap seats!”

They had just got out of school and were headed for the closest burger joint to get a half pounder and lotsa fries.

Ben had his Bosox hat on backwards as always and Tyrek’s red underwear were on display as that was the style in the inner city.

They sat down in the booth and Tyrek piped up, So what’s the deal with you on the hottie you are sitting next to in American History class?” ” I know right she has really got it going on, hasn’t she?”

“Oh yeah, I had my eye on her too but you be closing in on her before I could get anywhere near her!”

“Well she’s agreed that I could study with her and I am loving it. Even the part about the actual subject stuff we are doing in class, and you know I ain’t no big on studies! Ben offered with a smirk. “But she was telling me this unusual stuff about the second and third presidents of the United States that really got my engine going and I really got interested.”

“No way man!” Tyrek gushed as he took another huge chomp on the juicy burger.

“Yea, right, I know, I even surprised myself.”

“Okay, so what was it about?” Tyrek inquired. Now slamming down some semi hot fries.

“It is like this, both these men were from different parties, but had worked hard to help frame the young government, that they always had a bigger camaraderie then rivalry, and a classic rivalry they had especially when they ran against each other in the 1796 and 1800 elections, Adams winning a narrow victory in 1796. Adams and Jefferson had differing theological persuasions but both man had an obvious respect for the Bible. They were coined as Founding “Frenemies.”

This was an unlikely pair of friends Jefferson being tall and stately, while Adams was stout and given to emotional outbursts at times, but their friendship lasted half a century.

They first met in 1775 as delegates to the continental Congress. Their friendship grew stronger in the 1780s when Adams and Jefferson served in diplomatic missions to Europe. When Jefferson lost his wife Martha, Abigail and John crew to consider him almost a part of the family as they consoled him.

When they return to the states things got more complicated as Jefferson favored more power to the states in the new republican party and feared a large central authority where as Adams wanted more of a central authority with the Federalist Party.

in 1800 Jefferson defeated Adams to become the third president and it was one of the nastiest campaigns ever. Adams left not attending the inauguration returned to Quincy to his beloved Abigail, and the two did not speak or correspond for 12 years.

At the prodding of Benjamin Rush, Adams send a short note to Monticello and the two of them would exchange 158 letters in the next 14 years.

It is truly divine they both died on the same day,exactly 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.”

“Well it sounds to me like this young sweet thing is really getting into your head, amigo.”

Ben smiled and said,”Not only my head good buddy but also my heart!”


Ivan Panin

TCES #29 Math proves the Bible is the word of God 5-23-18

“But Mr. Reshenko, I want to join the Bible club after school because of what you have been saying to me about Ivan Panin!” Tonya was excited to say to her Russian teacher. Sweetwater high school had just introduced Russian as an elective two years ago and Tonya had loved the language so much that she studied for her junior year in St. Petersburg, where she had become fluent in the language, even dreaming in Russian at times.

“Tonya that would very nice, but what persuaded you so much that you want to know more about the word of God?” Mr. Reshenko said with a slight smile on his caring face.

“As you may know besides the Russian language, I am also passionate about numerology. The discoveries you shared that Mr. Panin found are simply off the charts and it got to the place where I could not ignore, the unshakable evidence he presents.”

“What evidence specifically are you referring to?” Her teacher inquired.

“First of all it was no small detail that Mr. Panin was a mathematical savant, fluid in many languages and a firm agnostic living in 19th century Russia. He emigrated to America and became a Christian and began to study the scriptures from an original language/mathematical standpoint, and of course what he discovers was both astonishing and mathematically irrefutable.

Ivan Panin found that there was a mathematical precision inherent to the entire Bible. He tirelessly accumulated over 40,000 hand written notes, translated the New Testament from these numerics.

Interestingly enough Hebrew and Greek are two of the only languages were the letters have a numerical equivalent. He discovered the so called, “heptadic,” structure of Scripture. That is that, in both Hebrew and Greek, where the numbers equivalent to the letters are added up properly, at some point: word, sentence, paragraph, or chapter, will ALWAYS BE DIVISIBLE BY SEVEN!!!!!!!

Tonya continued,” It is the part about the patterns he discovered using the numerical equivalents for letters that both Greek and Hebrew use in their respective languages, that blew me away!!”

“How so?”

“Well simply said numbers don’t lie and to see how all these patterns are in the original languages to me proves its divine origin. Mr. Panin was so convinced he sent a letter to the New York Sun challenging his audience to disprove his thesis that the numerical structure of scripture showed its divine origin, and to this date no one has ever refuted the evidence! Amazing!!

“Well Tonya looks like you are well on your way to living an adventurous and abundant life, living in the promises of the Bible. Words that promise God’s full blessing on those who follow HIM.”

Her teacher told her with a knowing twinkle in his eye.


Middle East conflict

TCES # 28 Middle East Conflict 5-22-18

Ariel noticed that Shaya was busy getting her hair attended to by her friend Molly. He always admired her long curly jet black hair. Molly really knew how to make her pigtails just right. She was so sassy though and always seemed to be talking about nothing, he was thinking to himself.

“We just got back from visiting our relatives in Beirut, Lebanon. I did not like it because of all the people shouting at one another, and the guns going off!” Shaya spouted.

“Yea I have heard that the Middle East is a difficult place to live because of all the people that do not get along with one another.” Molly added.

“Why don’t they get along?” Ariel asked. His uncle lived in Tel Aviv and when he had visited Israel at various times he could feel the tension there between the people that lived on either side of the West Bank.

Molly thought about that and said that she thought it was a quarrel that had been going on for a long time. She didn’t know why so she kept to herself.

Shaya was overjoyed when she looked in the mirror and saw the precise work that Molly had done on her hair. Both the pig tails and braids were so cool looking. She was awed by it and clamored, ” Wow Molly, will you be my regular beautician?”

Molly blushed and nodded that she would.

“My dad’s dad is a mayor in a small town in Lebanon, and he always seems to be trying to end or bring peace to a dispute. He recently decided that Islam was false and turned his life over to Christ the Lord, after reading through the New Testament.” Shaya admitted. “He told me why he believed people had such a hard time getting along over there. It is actually written over 3,000 years ago that Ismael, the progenitor of the Arab race, would be a wild man, and that every man’s hand would be against him.” See Genesis 16:12

” I guess that really summarizes the situation over there and there is really no end in sight.” Ariel said. “At least until Christ comes back and brings peace to all.”


Ronald Reagan

TCES#26 Ronald Reagan 5-15-18

“Jim, I thought President Reagan was famous for being an actor too. Wasn’t he in a movie about Norte Dame football?” Blane muttered. ” Yea I think that was the one with the famous line at halftime, ” Let’s go win this one for the Gipper.” Jim replied.

They had just entered into the Ronald Reagan presidential library located 40 miles Northwest of downtown Los Angeles, CA. They were doing a joint project for their senior political science class in Burbank, CA.

“One thing is for sure we have to include in our speech and report that he loved horses and went to his ranch called Rancho del Cielo quite often with his wife Nancy and their children.” Jim offered.

When they were in the library they discovered a couple of little known facts about the former governor of California.

Like Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan or Dutch as he was known, grew up in Illinois. When he was fifteen years old he became a lifeguard on the Rock River. In seven summers there he saved seventy seven lives.

The item they discovered proved a lot harder to prove by researching the web. That is that the former president was a follower of Jesus Christ. The two teens had come to faith in Christ by attending a harvest meeting in Dodger Stadium lead by pastor Greg Laurie, so they wanted more evidence that the former president was indeed a real Christ following Christian.

They found out that in 1983 Mr. Reagan declared it, “the year of the Bible.”

He said at one point,” I have declared 1983 the year of the Bible. Well you know a group called the ACLU has taken up a cause to over turn this, I now wear their indictment like a badge of honor, I think I stand in pretty good company.”

Speaking to the national religious broadcasters they found that he said, “I feel like I am coming home… under this roof, some 4000 of us are kindred spirits united by one burning belief, God is our Father, we are his children, together, brothers and sisters we are one family. Can we make a resolution that in 1983 we will put the Bible’s great truths into action?”

“I think that quote will do it Jim, the president did make it his business to make Christ the Lord of his affairs as the president of the most powerful country in the world.”

Jim turned to Blane and commented, ” let’s You and I make it our business in life to grow in faith and walk in a manner worthy of Jesus Christ.”

As the two were leaving the library they noticed different ones praying and remembered that Mr. Reagan was a praying man too.


George Washington

TCES #25 George Washington 5-14-18

” Come Zeke let me borrow a quarter! ” Rory bellowed across to his friend. “No way you bum the last time I let you borrow something I never got it back! My baseball mitt, do you remember?” Zeke said with a sting to it.

The case was closed and Rory knew it. He had had his friend’s mitt for two weeks and even knew where it was in his upstairs bedroom.

The two of them were just outside the space needle in downtown Seattle. They had wanted to go up the elevators and see the mountains and Elliot Bay. They had finally convinced their parents to give them money.

They had enough money for a desert in the restaurant so when they reached the top they made a beeline to buy two hot fudge sundaes, they thought to themselves the site seeing can wait, we want a sugar high like, right now!

“So when did they decide to name this state after George Washington?” Rory asked Zeke. ” My Social Studies teacher said that 1889 as a part of the Oregon treaty with Britain.”

“George Washington is on the old quarters and was famous for being one of the first founding fathers of our great nation.” Zeke continued. ” I found out that he trusted in God to help him defeat the British.”

“How did he learn how to trust in Christ?” Rory inquired.

“That’s simple, he read, believed and practiced what the Bible says. He even wrote that, “It is impossible to rightly govern without God and the Bible.”

Rory thought about that and returned with,” I guess he knew what he was talking about, over 230 years have passed and our once fledging and struggling nation has became a rock in the free world and a voice and upholder of liberty thanks to men like him, who truly tried to practice what they learned in the Bible.


Science and religion compatible?

TCES #24 “Science and religion compatible?” 5-10-18

“Hey Jim my favorite golfer in the world is Webb Simpson, how about you?” David told his friend. “Why Tiger Woods of course, has anybody ever had a hotter streak then him?” Jim replied.

They were just starting to tee up their golf balls at the brand new Top Golf Center in Myrtle Beach. David was a golf enthusiast and Jim had just started to be infected by the golf bug.

“Man, I could go for one of those huge hot dogs they have here, how about you?” David told as he was expressing just how hungry he was, forgetting to eat anything for breakfast. “Nah, I wanna get one of those big juicy burgers and load it up with pickles and mustard.” Jim retorted.

This was their third time visiting the golf behemoth and there was no let up in sight as they were both wanting to get a golf scholarship for college. Jim was unusually accurate for being a novice. David took a whack at another ball and was thrilled to watch the board reward him with a close to hole shot.

Jim looked at David and said,” Nice shot! When you mentioned Simpson it reminded me that my science teacher mentioned in class the discoverer of chloroform’s anesthetic s qualities, Dr. James Simpson, I wonder if Webb was one of his descendent?”

” I don’t know, maybe?”

“Dr. Simpson laid a solid foundation for gynecology and predicted the discovery of the x-ray.” Jim mentioned. “. He was president of the Royal Medical Society and the Physician to the Queen, the highest medical position of his day. He stated, ” Christianity works because it is supremely true and therefore extremely livable. There is nothing incompatible between science and religion.”

” Now wait a minute isn’t science like way ahead of the Bible and therefore we should follow science not Christ!” David gasped.

Jim continued, ” When asked what his greatest discovery was, Dr. Simpson replied, ” It was not chloroform. It was to know that I am a sinner, and that could be saved by the grace of God. A man has missed the whole meaning of life, if he has not entered into an active living relationship with God through Christ.”

“Sounds like I better start looking into that relationship with Jesus too, Jim.”


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TCES #23 seven months to bury everybody?

TCES #23 “seven months to bury everybody?” 5-3-18

Eva was incredulous.” Come on Jose, you have got to be kidding me? ” Jose was in fact not joking. He had been studying the results of the bombing in Japan by the United States when they dropped two nuclear bombs on the Empire of Japan in 1945.

“My grandfather was in world war ll on a destroyer and he remembers what it was like when the pictures came back of the utter destruction that was made when those nukes landed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

Jose and Eva had been seeing each other for 7 months and usually walked holding hands when they strolled around the Mall window shopping. Jose was a wise young man in that he knew Eva loved to browse and look at all the clothing stores.

“So what got you interested in all this stuff?” Eva asked.

“It was my grandfather’s brother, his name is Paul. He began to talk to me about what the Bible has to say about what appears to be nuclear weapons.” Jose said whimsically. “Wait a minute, wasn’t the Bible written like over a thousand years ago, how could it describe stuff like that ? Eva blurted out.

“Good question, I don’t know other than, those men who wrote that must have been tuned into an all knowing God. I mean what other explanation is there?” Jose retorted.

“The Bible talks about when God judges the enemies of Israel that even the weapons used will have to be burned and that it would take seven months to clean up all the dead. It really tells of the effects of nuclear weaponry way before it could be known about its effects or properly explained.

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in will be burned up. 2 Peter 3:10

“It is hard to imagine something that will be that hot!” Jose was intrigued by the insight of this passage of scripture.

“This whole new understanding has whetted my appetite to really see for myself what the Bible really has to say and if I could somehow make contact with God by learning how to from that Book. Wanna come to the Bible club I have joined Eva?”

“After all that, yes I would. If Christ is real, then you and I better find out just how we can follow HIM.”