I began driving for Uber in March 2017.

It is the first time I was ever hired for something and never spoke to anyone in the process!!

As most Americans know now … Uber is not small potatoes.

Uber Technologies Inc. Founded in March of 2009 is in 633 cities worldwide. It’s net income is $6.5 Billion. Uber is headquartered in San Francisco. This according to Wikipedia.

Transforming the taxi cab industry by removing the discomfort of tipping and making the price of a trip firmly predefined via the internet through credit and debit card purchase. Uber is referred to as ride sharing.

Getting rides can actually be a money and time saver for a lot of people, especially in big cities where parking can be a small fortune, not to mention the time it takes to find a place. Saving in car costs and maintenance in gas it is making a lot of sense for a lot of working people in metropolitan areas to skip owning a car and just get rides. Plus if you are riding you have time to do other things versus the chore of driving yourself.

This blog will be ongoing so not sure about when I will publish it or not. There are so many stories to tell.

I love people and my wife Diana says that this is a great job for me because of it.

The first story just happened two days ago. On Saturday I gave a twenty something couple a ride from a hotel to the the Tupelo Honey Restaurant. David and Summer were an attractive pair from L. A. I asked him what he did for a living and he replied, ” I relief pitch for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans Baseball team.”

After that the conversation was free flowing as yours truly is a HUGE sports fan.

When I dropped them off I received a text message from David Berg explaining that 4 tickets would be at the will call booth at tonight’s game.

My buddy Gerry joined us and Summer ended up sitting next to Diana at the game. David is a submariner style pitcher. The game was fun and fireworks ๐Ÿ’ฅ were the dessert at the end of the game.

Working for Uber is also the first time that I pushed a button,( on my smartphone), and was working and then whenever I wanted to stop just push that same button and I was, “OFF.”

Weekend nights seem to be the most lucrative. Myrtle Beach is quite busy from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Over 16 million come annually making it the most visited city on the East Coast by car.

My 2000 Camry was too old for Uber standards so I bought a 2011. It is doing the job well. Hopefully in a couple of years I have back the money I used to buy the car!

I also drive for Lyft, which is Uber’s competitor. One night after the big Country music concert a couple got in and were going 35 minutes north to Cherry Grove. When I let them out, I was paid $135!! That’s because at high traffic times otherwise known as surging in the business rates can go as high as triple or quadruple.

I take a lot of people to the airport as you can imagine. One time after 9 pm I was directed to the airport to pick up a rider. She was college age from Siberia, Russia. She was joining a group of girls that come here from foreign countries that work in the beach abundant summer minimum wage jobs. They actually make a lot of money according to their standards and get to work on their English. These young people are very intelligent, hard working and going places in life. Unfortunately so many of our youth who should be learning to work hard are allowed to stay home and become self centered and looking for a free ride, somebody owes me something way of life.

A lot of my riders in the AM are these foreign students that head off to restaurants, work at theme parks, the beach or hotels.

I usually do not work late at night because of the very possibility of calamity based in the ongoing reality that the riders will be filled with too much alcohol. False courage, slurred vulgar speech, pugilism and vomiting in the car can manifest easily with this crowd.


The good book says that a wise man foresees the evil and hides himself. Cutting it off by 11 pm is usually a very wise move.

September 2, two young ladies from Thailand, had their luggage and were headed for the airport. Their destination was NYC for a week before they would flying home to Bangkok. This is the land of Buddhism.

As I spoke to them about JESUS, they were riveted on each word. It seemed they were so hungry to hear about JESUS and His Love. Before we parted, I prayed with them.

I get to sow seed in so many of these dear people that are in my ๐Ÿš— car. Also I like this job because it a work of service. I like to jump out and put the luggage in the trunk and great them with a friendly smile.


Why should we hire youth from another country?

Local Merchants of Myrtle Beach learn a valuable lesson

I enjoy driving for Uber and recently I picked up a twenty something young lady at the airport. She was headed to an apartment with other foreign young ladies on 38th Avenue North. She was just coming in from Siberia, Russia. I wondered if she was relocating to Myrtle Beach, but then remembered that it was summertime here and the merchants here have great need of low cost but responsible labor.

So where do they look for workers that will show up each day on time and be of a pleasant attitude?……….overseas!!

If you reside in the Myrtle Beach area you are familiar with the common site of a college age persons on back packs zipping around town headed to their respective places of employment. Usually low paying employment that attends to the tourist industry. Low paying for the United States that is…..

Over the years I have run into a lot of them, Irish, Ukrainian, Russian, Jamaican, Filipino and many others from distant lands.

You ask, ” why don’t we use our own youth for this?” ” Certainly young Americans should be afforded the opportunity to gain a strong work ethic?” You say.

Of course they should, but are many of them interested in this? That is the real question.

I’ll be honest if I was in my teens or low twenties I would probably choose living off my parents and the smartphone/video game culture, over hard work too. Thankfully I enlisted into the Navy and learned there that there is no other way to self respect and learning the real value of hard earned money than working, it is just that simple.

I learned to have both compassion and disdain for the crop of brats that are being raised up in this land. Is it everybody? No not at all. There are still parents who have not given their children the curse of a free ride and taught them they only have three choices when it comes to working hard with a good attitude:

First choice:

1- “son or daughter you need to work hard with a good attitude.”

2-“son or daughter you need to work hard with a good attitude.”

3-“son or daughter you need to work hard with a good attitude.”

“Take your pick.” ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a nice chat with a local teacher whose husband manages a restaurant here. For years she said he resisted hiring the foreigners. Yet after babysitting the text messaging , young American “workers.” He succumbed to the inevitable like his peers he found that young people from other countries were raised to work not to just play.

When I delivered pizzas ๐Ÿ•down here for 4 summers, I found out something pretty startling. I was working summers in Garden City semi retired and made some new friends….Three young Ukrainians. They would ride there bikes over to the shop in the evening and make fresh dough made with olive oil. This was their second job. Six days a week they were working their day job long hours at Mickey D’s.

Let me add that they lived with 16 or 17 other Ukrainians on Calhoun Street. Talk about questionable living conditions? But did these young adults care? Heck no, they were making a lot more money working what we would call dead end jobs then they ever would in their native lands. Not to mention working on their English, many of them already tri-lingual, college students that were headed for success.

These workers were not busy trying to sneak a smoke or text messaging they were a delight to work with and get to know.

So what is the problem of all this?

None really ….the local merchants have learned a valuable lesson: summer workers flown across the big lake are a much better bet then the local, “screenager.”


The 3 D of the far left

The 3 D of the far left:




First of all, and I say this with guarded respect, I believe the media, which most of us are aware, the vast majority in this country is driven by the left. This group deserves an award of some kind for making and keeping stories going that are at best a labyrinth of conspiracy theory that would make for a Mediocre suspense novel. What am I talking about? The departure from hard news nationally. Why was and is 60 minutes such a popular series? Hard news. Factual journalism. Something that has been replaced with story telling. Stories that evolve as they go like so many things, but the problem here is there really verity in their reporting? The networks understand the common persons lack of resources to chase down whether a story is true or not.

The other obvious thing is the lack of interest among the average American with the affairs of the airways. The result? A shallow citizen that can be persuaded by saturation of the current,” story” whether the content is in fact real or not. Case and point: the current Russia story that they tampered with our election.

Which brings me to our second D ….


Let us say hypothetically that the Russian story is true. How does this inordinate pursuit of this alleged hacking do the country any benefit now? Couldn’t it just be something that distracts us from getting things done under the current president’ s leadership? Our road systems need to be updated, airports and cities also need updating, repair and renovation. One thing that certainly needs to be given the highest priority: our national cyber security.

These first two D’s lead strait to the awful truth of our nation’s polarization. ….


Christ said a house divided cannot stand. Our nation needs to be indivisible. Freedom of press is a right, but why is that we seem to be only going in one direction?

LEFT toward European Socialism.



โ€‹What happened to Kindergarten nap?

When I was in Kindergarten in 1960, we prayed in schools, we were allowed to read from the Bible and there was definitely nap time.

Recently I was subbing for a kindergarten class and the kids were not afforded a nap time.

Years ago I remember a pastor named Nick Welch who was suffering from being very sick. I was visiting his office, because he was still at work, looked at me and said, ” David, you cannot escape the principle of rest.”

Nowadays I see a society in America that is trying very hard to escape that principle.

It is like we are saying,” I am too busy to be anything but too busy.”

People wear, “I am busy,” like it is s badge of pride. Unfortunately many are unaware that busyness can ultimately lead to a barren life. Pride goes before a fall…

Oh I fell into it too. 80 hour weeks traveling the ministry burnout trail. I would come back home with nothing left to give but a mean and hardened attitude. 

Learning to rest is God like. On the seventh day God rested. Now if God rested where does that leave us. We also should rest.

The word says we should work to enter into His rest.

Thus the work needs to be believing and relying on God for everything. Jesus said this is the work of God, believing in  His Son.

Back to Kindergarten nap, first we must believe that we need to rest.

The other sub that I was subbing with took the lead because she had been here all week, because the normal aide had been out all week. She was very efficient and knew the ropes, having young children herself, and often subbing in this school.

I asked her when they had done away with Kindergarten nap. She shrugged her shoulders and said she did not remember and then said with a smirk, “We teachers need a nap.”

She is so right. Everyone seems to be tired.

So you ask where is this article going David?

Simply to this thought that I will put in question form.

“Is your life worth the better quality that will come when you learn to really rest, through knowing personally and obeying Christ the Lord?”

And this is life eternal, that they may know You and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.


Get in the door!

Get in the door
” But Mr. Allport I don t wanna flip burgers! I would rather be doing something else. ”

 “Have you learned anything about how the real world works?” I retort.

“Well yes, I play video games for 7 hours a day and eat fast food, I know just about all there is to know!”

“Why not start out with Mickey D’s ?” 

“Why not start anyplace you can get your foot in the door?”
Get in the door. 
That is the real key to getting started on a work career path. Another way of saying it is, “Half of finishing is staring.”
People that just think about working, do just that…. only think. You won’t make much money that way.
But once you start the secret to success in the work place is threefold, I believe:
1- work harder get smarter and promoted!

Ever notice when you are not doing anything the clock just seems to go slower? Contrast that with working at a good pace and keeping your mind on the work you are doing. Before you know it, it is time to clock out and go home.

Another benefit of hard work is that you are noticed by the manager and you will either end up with a promotion or be the first one to be asked for the same job next summer.

People that work hard sleep well. People that work hard feel good about themselves and their hard earned money is truly valued vs. just being given handouts from parents or the government.
2- a good attitude is good altitude

“The closest distance between two people is a smile.” Savanah Guthrie

Cream rises to the top! People who maintain a positive attitude regardless of circumstance or personal adversity are the ones that really are going up the ladder at the job. The way in which a person carries themselves is usually the first page that is read in the book of our lives.
3- do you love what you do?

I remember the first time I got a check on the job I was beside myself, I looked at it and said to myself, ” I get paid for doing this? I would do it for nothing because I love it so much.” You say,” but I do it know what I love to do?” That is okay, keep trying to discover what it is. I believe we all have a great propensity and passion for whatever it is that God made us for. What is not okay is just working to pay bills and end up miserable because we loathe what we do. Do I need to work to pay bills, of course, but keep dreaming and pursuing what you believe you will love to do and eventually you will find it, if you will pray and never give up. JESUS Luke 18:1 NIV


1-800 I can’t understand you!!!

American telephone customer service: “1-800 I can’t understand you !!!
“Helllu My name is musellie rhatsamarahatsunee…. sooo gluud to seervvve yu tudaay!” It only took 11 minutes this time to get a voice after being repetitiously told every 46 seconds that my call was important to ATT or was it the government agency I was trying to get information from? 
Even the Philippine lady who speaks a Tagalog accented English that Amazon and the overpriced chocolate covered strawberry firm uses, sounds like a broken up Latino dialect barely discernible as English…. another words what the heck is going on in the telephone merchant customer service world?
Oh the firm is trying to save money… I get that…. but gee whiz why must I as the consumer play a guessing game while the barely able to speak English rep for the firm is reeling off the specials for that day and at the end trying to make the sale bigger by adding the ultra special deal awaiting me for just a little bit more of my hard earned dollars.
Recently I was on what seemed like eternal hold while another foreign phone associate had to be paged because the one that answered the phone was not able to connect the dots. Is it because my upstate NY ascent was too hard to understand…. nah, I don’t think so…..
To Amazons credit, I am never on the phone more than a minute before some one has answered the phone and they have never not refunded me. So this article is not a total bash session… but darn close, because I like so many Anglo English speakers get exasperated by the parade of telephone customer service people that I cannot understand or they cannot understand me. Hello, what is wrong with this picture??
I am a veteran and been a part of USAA for over 5 years. It is one of the firms that get it…. get what? That I would like to speak with someone on the phone that speaks American Network television English or something like that.
Our Sunday paper the delivered most of the time but when it is not, my loving wife asks me kindly to go to the store and get one. Meanwhile she proceeds to call the 1-800 # and get a funny dialect on the other end of the phone. She tries to be patient but after a while the inefficient dialogue gets beyond a hassle and after it is over my wife rolls her eyes tries to shrug it off and hopes that her wishes were actually understood.
I thought about sending this piece as a letter to the editor but quickly realized the paper would not want to shoot themselves in the foot by exposing their money saving stupidity by using this whacko way of doing business. The real bottom line budget question is, are some things really worth the price to run it at low end?
Whaaaaat uuu thunk?


Why should I as a young English speaking American learn Spanish?

Why should I as a young English speaking American learn Spanish?
As the United States is the third largest by population Spanish speaking nation in the world, what are we doing here to train our kids in this language in our schools?
When I was 15 my mom encouraged me to go to Colombia for a summer as a foreign exchange student. I did actually went there! It was 1970, before the prominence of the drug cartels there.
At the time I had no chance to learn Spanish in school because the only foreign languages that were taught were Latin,( a dead language used no where for speaking in the current world), and French. This was in the late 1960’s in New York.
Colombia is presently the second largest by population Spanish speaking nation in the world behind Mexico.
The brand of Spanish there is very good and the dialect along with Argentina is considered the best outside of Spain itself! My Spanish now I consider to be, “Spanglish,” and make no claims to being even close to fluency. However because I learned to pronounce in Colombia and was immersed into the language where the dialect is so pure, when I address others in Spanish to this day I can usually get the thought across of what I am trying to communicate.
Just under 20% of the voters for the last presidential election were of Hispanic decent. That number will only increase in the days to come.
As I survey the schools of Georgetown county and Horry County in SC, the question I start to ask myself is, just what are the plans in place to teach Spanish to our children, and are those current plans optimizing the best resources and targeting the children at a young enough age where learning another language is proven to be easier to assimilate?
As you go into places of business such as Lowe’s you find two languages on banners directing you to different places in the store. Call most corporate, government, credit activation, or about anything else you can think of and you are usually given a choice of two languages to be addressed in.
Is English the most spoken language of our nation and the language of the Internet, of course, but that does not negate the truth that soon we will overtake Colombia as the number two by population Spanish speaking nation in the world.
If you travel outside of the Grand Strand to any major city in the United States there is always a very large Spanish speaking population. 
Back to our young people, who will more likely get hired first, the single language speakers or the bilingual? 
In the United States vs. Europe, I believe we have a tendency to be more language lazy. In 2000 I flew into Amsterdam for the Billy Graham conference there with over 17,000 attendees. I quickly found out from a bus driver that the Dutch had to learn not two but three languages to get along…. Dutch, German, and English.
Yes since world war 2 English has dominated the scene in the world but that trend is changing.
My appeal to you the parent, the educator, the business person, the government employee, or really any one reading this is simple: Why are we not using more proven methods in teaching Spanish? Why is high school still targeted as the main age group , Spanish being an elective there, when over and over again it is time tested that a second language is best learned when children are younger?
Also another great advantage of learning a second language is that you learn so much more about the primary language you speak when you study another. 
I asked an official when I was visiting a Georgetown County school why children were not taught earlier and the simple reply was, ” That would cost more money! ” 
Sad isn’t it that $ would limit us in this day of affluence, a better way to teach what is quickly becoming a real part of our culture…. the importance of learning another language, more specifically, the importance of a new generation of young Americans to learn, Espanol.