Fear in public schools

Fear in public schools: then and now

When I was a kid in school, when that certain alarm sounded, we all had to get under our desks as soon as possible and put our hands over our heads.

For what you say?

I believe it was called something like,” Atomic bomb threat.”Just 15 to 20 years prior to that in 1945, the USA dropped two Atomic bombs, one made of Uranium and one of Plutonium on the Empire of Japan. Those two bombs were totally devastating. The cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were leveled, razed and completely wiped out!

The purpose worked, we never had to invade the mainland of Japan.

They surrendered.

So nuclear threat was no joke and when the Cuban Missile Crisis, during the Kennedy years was taking place, Americans were really scared. Russian ICBM, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, were just ninety miles of the Florida coast aimed at the USA.

My mom and dad were so moved with fear that they had a bomb shelter built between the house and dad’s plumbing garage.

Thankfully the then Soviet Union lead by Nikita Khrushchev had the good sense to back off and took the threat away by removing the missiles from Cuba.

Today though we have another threat… Shooters.

I was at one of the High Schools at Horry County today when the principal got on the intercom system and called for a,”Tornado drill.”Basically that is where all the students sit down against a wall and brace themselves for a storm.

This drill is similar to a code red drill that is geared toward shooters.

After the drill I found myself being thankful that schools are trying to prepare for the real threat in our day of someone coming on the campuses with an assault weapon to try and gun down as many students and teachers as they can. Columbine, Sandy Hook , and Parkland to name a few of the heinous crimes that have been committed.

Also I am thankful that HCS, Horry County Schools, have an armed guard in all middle and high schools. They have also pledged to have that in the elementary schools by the fall.

Truly our children are our most precious resource, what else can we do to protect them?


Volunteering at Majors

Volunteering at Majors

My friend Gerry and I took a new step last year in our mutual love of the game of golf.

We volunteered at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, NC for the Professional Golfers of America Championship.

We hopped in my 2016 Jayco Melbourne RV and headed to NC. It is a class C type just right for two people to travel anywhere! We made the 3 1/2 hour drive from Myrtle Beach to Charlotte got it all set up with full hook up.

Gerry brought his car so we could commute to the volunteer parking lot. We were both schedules for the same shifts, which were four four hour shifts a total of 16 hours. Best part was that we had all our volunteering done on Wednesday and were all set to watch the tournament with our volunteer passes.

We did the merchandise tent for our volunteering. It had air conditioning and the time went by very quickly interacting with all the people coming through. We both got a hat as a keepsake for the tournament and I got mine embroidered.

The course was spectacular, pristine and everything manicured to perfection for the prestigious event. JT, Justin Thomas was the victor, who went on to win the Fed Ex Cup, worth $10 Million and become the PGA player of the year.

Gerry and I had such a good time that we decided to volunteer with the USGA for the United States Open at Shinecock Hills in 2018 which is located in the Hamptons on Long Island New York.

We will be taking the RV, Gerry’s car, and my Can Am RTS roadster. We will book a place at Indian State Park near Riverside, NY. We are signed up for the merchandise tent again.

We have had the privilege to attend the Masters in 2014 for the Wednesday the par three tournament. We walked the entire course at Augusta National and then watched the par three event. It was monumental for us because it was the last time the Big Three were there playing together. The Big Three being Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player. We had a blast that day.

Other Events we have attended are The RSM which takes place in the Fall at St Simons Island in GA. This PGA event is always on of the first in the FedEx season which ends in September. We have been to the Women’s U.S. Open in Pine hurst,NC.

Our first trip together in the RV was for the PGA Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Course in Atlanta, Ga in 2016.

Who knows maybe some day we will cross the big lake and volunteer in the The UK for the Open Championship?


Why I like kids

Why I like kids 3-1-18

I used to be chronologically young.

All of us have been children.

Recently I had the privilege to attend my sisters 70th birthday celebration. My brother who is older than I am and our spouses traveled to Lakeland, FL for the festivities.

We lost both our mom and dad to death recently. They were both 89.

My mom was a collector and Vicki was separating all the photos mom had accumulated from all the past years. It was a job because mom had, it seemed everything from our past.

When I was looking through my mom’s scrapbook I was remembering what it was like to be a kid:

1- really living in the moment, the past was gone and the future was far away.

2- really feeling things for the first time and getting high on life itself.

3- the joy of making and having friends

4- remembering how much fun it was to put on a costume and pretend to be someone else

5- eating a lot of food and I mean a lot and not getting fat

6- seemingly endless energy as I would run, swim, bicycle, play ball and do it all some more and at the end of the day when my head hit the pillow, I was out like a light.

7- waking up in the morning to a whole new adventure as each day was bright and full of new turns and surprises.

8- I remember the power of music as rock and roll was young and very much alive in my heart.

9- glad when I could play any sports and experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat

10- discovering things and realizing that the world was full of new places and experiences that I could behold and become a part of.

I like kids because I remember what it was like to be one and count it a huge joy when I can step into the world of children now and love them as they are.

Isn’t that what Jesus did?



Misericordia 2-28-18

Michael was at least five minutes late.

I stared at him for a few seconds through the slender door window. I smiled at him, he smiled back. I opened the door, ” You’re late!” I uttered quietly. He readily acknowledged that he was.

I peered at him and said with a twinkle in my eye, ” Well this is your lucky day. I am going to have mercy on you and not mark you late.” His smile got larger and said,” that is a good thing cause the next time I got reported late, they said they were going to suspend me.”

He walked passed me into the classroom.

I was subbing an upper level Spanish class and was enjoying using my Spanglish.

I had been an exchange student to Columbia, South America when I was 15 for a summer so my pronunciation is ok but my vocabulary is tiny and verb conjugation atrocious.

Later he came up to me toward the end of class and reiterated that it was so good I did not mark him absent.

“The reason I showed you mercy,(miserdicordia), is because yo conosco Senor Jesucristo.” He looked at me knowingly. I had told him in Spanish that I knew Jesus personally.

I said, “it is mercy that helps us change. Let me tell you a secret to help you always make sure that you will be on time in the future… arrive five minutes before something is supposed to start, and you will always be on time!”

He looked at me and said,”I can do that!”

Mercy is the main thing that I want to give to people now because it is the main thing that God has given to me through Jesus Christ.


Brain Nuggets

Brain Nuggets not McNuggets can make you smarter 2-21-18

First of all I like to put these precious brain nuggets in code:






Now we all know that McDonald’s struck it rich when they invented chicken McNuggets. It has been a true bonanza. Everyone in the business has their own version of it now. Kinda like Chrysler in the early 1980’s when they unveiled the minivan.

Just think of how they decided to name it.


The gold nugget was what the 49’ers were after when they traveled west in the 1840’s by wagon train. They would,”stake out a claim.” This involved finding a place where they could either dig for gold or try to pan it out or a river.

A large gold nugget would be around 71-77 grams.

Gold is so heavy that one cubic foot of it weighs half a ton!

A single ounce of gold can be drawn into a wire 60 miles long

In every cubic mile of sea water there is 25 tons of gold! That is a total of ten billion tons of gold in the oceans; however, there is no known way to economically recover it.

David said, ” Your Word is more precious to me than thousands of gold and silver.” Psalm 119

Truly wise words and wisdom itself is one of the most important things in life, far out weighing material riches.

So I try to impress on these dear students the importance of one’s words and just exactly what are we thinking about?

As a man thinks so is he…. proverbs 4

So here are some of the definitions of these precious brain nuggets that are in code:

1- RrL&LrR- readers are leaders and leaders are readers

2- H2OIBJ- water is brain juice

3- C2BK&YWBRE-Choose to be kind and you will be right every time

4-WHGS- work harder get smarter

5-IUDLIUWLI-if you don’t use it you will lose it

What we think about and meditate on we eventually become.

So let us spend real time and a lot of it on the things that make for fruitful and peaceful living. The result will be righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.


Good Samaritans in Clearwater FL

RV pic without 12′ trailer on back…our recent FL trip was a crash course on learning to not turn down a road where a turn around is impossible or too tight to tame!

Good Samaritans at Clearwater Beach, FL 2-13-18

It was a long day that ended happy.

We left Myrtle Beach at 6 AM Saturday February 10, 2018, with the RV and the trailer attached with our RTS Can Am on board. Another words we ready for a serious vacation in the Sunshine State.

After an arduous drive we finally pulled in eleven hours later around six. My daughter and her husband Dan were awaiting us for a nice dinner in a restaurant right on Ocean Blvd.

There was only one problem! I had driven the RV and trailer into a beach dead end that was too small to do a turn around with my 40 foot get up and I could see no way out!

Diana told me later that people were taking pictures of the debacle that was unfolding in front of them.

I was so exhausted already from the drive that was so slow to realize that I was in reality up the creek with out a paddle, literally.

Until these good samaritans showed up and helped me out of this major jam.

We ended up having to unhook the the trailer and then seven of us literally moved the 1000 pound trailer with the 900 pound Can Am on it, turning it so that I could back the RV into it at an angle I could then drive out!!

The way I saw it, it was God helping me out of a ridiculous position I had gotten myself into. Diana sat there and was kind but at times just shaking her head that I had driven us into that place in the first place!

So I end this little tale by thanking the Lord Jesus for HIS help through, known only to Himself, the good samaritans that came to my rescue and made it so I could really enjoy the company of my wife, daughter and Dan my son in law.


SCDOT South Carolina Department of Transportation: the Masters of DELAY

SC DOT Target date for SC707 short bridge just north of SC 31 junction….. ?

Construction began on the above project several years ago.

I have learned after having lived in this state since 2010 that the D in DOT does not stand for department, in reality it pans out to mean DELAY.

The lieutenant governor of SC was recently heard on the radio describing the DOT,(department of transportation), if it were a football team, it would have four head coaches and nine quarterbacks. Translation: not a lot of accountability.

Recently we went on a trip to Key West. Which means we drove the length of FL.

The difference between I-95 in SC and in FL, is bad government vs. efficient government.

How can you say such a thing about my dear Palmetto State you say? Well it is as simple as this. The freeway l-95 in SC was so bad at points that I was concerned about damaging the suspension in our RV. Endless potholes, bumps, serious dips, etc… you get the picture.

Another non sensical item is the fact that in Both Georgia and Florida is that these states have six lanes the length of each state on l-95, Meanwhile in SC with just four lanes the log jams continue when trucks try to pass on hills and end up creating seemingly endless back ups of cars that would like to be doing something near the speed limit, instead of being log jammed by trucks going 40-50 mph.

FYI in states with six lanes they forbid trucks in the left lanes, punishable by stiff fines. FL also enforces their weigh stations with trucks, meanwhile the one we passed in SC was, you guessed it, closed!

Get on the SCDOT website and vagueness will appear on the screen when it comes to really nailing down when a project will be finished, or you will get a definition riddled with nebulous semantics concerning the future.

What takes months in other states to construct, fix or repair takes years in SC.


Leadership that is stuck in a system that is wired by red tape, good old boyism, nepotism, and God only knows what else, because HE is omniscient.

The answer to this quagmire?

In the lieutenant governor’s opinion is to…

Make the DOT a cabinet department in the executive branch with real accountability. Right now they are in the grey twilight of a legislative branch that is 90 % of the entire SC government, not majoring in getting the job down on time or within budget.

That does not sound like proper checks and balances to me.

Does it to you?

David Allport

Myrtle Beach